About Park Active

Every journey starts with a destination

Park Active helps build healthier communities for all by supporting high streets, towns, and city centres, and encouraging people to park, then walk or cycle. If you’re looking to help people change the way they travel, sign up to become a Park Active branded car park today. Play your part in tackling the environmental impact of driving by helping to reduce congestion, pollution, and freeing up space for pedestrians, and blue badge holders.

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Do you want to help promote the benefits of more walking and cycling?

Park Active Brand Ambassadors are organisations and individuals who recognise and share a desire to develop and enable active travel choices to build and maintain healthier communities, share experiences and knowledge, and help inform the evolution of Park Active.

The key principles of the relationship will be to support and enable more active travel choices for those who still need to drive, but who can park and use active travel for final destination journeys

  • To develop Park Active brand awareness and adoption by parking operators across the UK
  • To share research and resources to improve knowledge and adoption of active travel initiatives tailored to local needs

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Effective parking management is at the heart of enabling many active travel sites. Park Active aims to provide a framework to enable active travel options that are tailored to local needs and positively contribute to the success of a long-term sustainable strategy.  

Park Active is led by the British Parking Association with input from stakeholders and support from the UK Government and wants to mobilise the parking community behind the initiative as a part of the Positive Parking Agenda.  Park Active is designed to support and complement the wider delivery of active travel by the UK Government, as detailed in Gear Change, its bold vision for cycling and walking, The initiative aims to improve public health, reduce congestion, bring down pollution levels and provide support for high streets and city centres across the entire community.