Brand Ambassadors

Become a Park Active Brand Ambassador

Park Active Brand Ambassadors are organisations and individuals who recognise and share a desire to develop and enable active travel choices to build and maintain healthier communities, share experiences and knowledge, and help inform the evolution of Park Active. The Park Active team will work with Brand Ambassadors to seek ways to align activities that support a shared vision.  This could include meetings, events, communications, and other collaboration activities to further develop the Park Active brand.

To become a Park Active Brand Ambassador, organisations need to detail how their product, service, or organisation’s values are aligned with the following Park Active objectives, as detailed in its Operational Guidance, namely:

  • the delivery of an evolving Park Active framework to enable active travel options that can be tailored to the local needs
  • to support potential providers of Park Active sites to understand the concept and how they can become part of the Park Active community
  • to adopt national branding guidelines for the scheme and a supporting communications toolkit to ensure Park Active is a brand that is recognised and respected by the public
  • Brand Ambassadors also agree to promote Park Active through their own networks and communication platforms.

In return, we can offer:

  • A ‘Park Active Supporter’ logo which can be used in all communications, relevant documentation, and related marketing collateral
  • A directory listing on the Park Active Marketplace – i.e., a brand logo, website link and a descriptive paragraph promoting your business to the active travel audience with a key contact and contact information.
  • Opportunity to sponsor or present at a Parking and Active Travel Forum webinar, meeting or live event organised by the BPA in association with Park Active
  • Occasional communications such as e-newsletters or briefings about Park Active/active travel
  • Content and advertising opportunities such as blog posts, podcasts or webinars on agreed topics promoted via the Park Active website
  • Hosting workshops or events tailored the Park Active community

The key principles of the relationship will be:

  • To support and enable more active travel choices for those who still need to drive, but who can park and use active travel for final destination journeys
  • To develop Park Active brand awareness and adoption by parking operators across the UK
  • To share research and resources to improve knowledge and adoption of active travel initiatives tailored to local needs

Interested? Email to request an MOU.