Park Active in the Community

Colchester Borough Council

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Motorists need to sign up to MiPermit to use Park Active and agree to the terms and conditions. When motorists use the Park Active scheme at any of the pilot locations in Colchester, they pay for their parking stay using MiPermit, to receive a discounted parking fee of just £0.50 per hour, for up to 4 hours, Monday to Saturday (6.00am to 6.00pm). They can then cycle or walk the rest of their journey. 

The Park Active pilot locations in Colchester include:

Information about walking and cycling in Colchester can be found here.

Read the Park Active membership terms and conditions for Colchester here


Green Parking

“Green Parking was keen to be early adopters of Park Active as a benefit to our customers as well as for the environment.  We have had fantastic support and guidance from the BPA team and we hope to have five car parks in major towns launched as Park Active in 2021, which in turn supports the UK‘s Green Recovery plans.“

Neil Edwards, Owner / Director at Green Parking and Future Transport Hubs