Energy boost for Park Active as Chris Wade joins the team

15 August 2021

Energy boost for Park Active as Chris Wade joins the team

The BPA is delighted to welcome Chris Wade to the Park Active team as Business Development Manager.  Chris is also Director of People & Places, which focuses on town centre improvement.

Chris is a keen commuter cyclist in Cambridge and has personally experienced difficulties in travel planning during the pandemic.  In a city associated with bicycles, even here, temporary road closures to cars were reinstated and opportunities lost.

Chris said: "My professional work in towns across the country has shown that hastily implemented pedestrianisation schemes or pop-up cycle lanes have polarised opinions in many places and often served as poor adverts for such initiatives’ potential.  Elsewhere the scale of long-term ambition and innovation has been inspiring."

Chris works in facilitating town centre economic and community development, within which travel and parking feature as key issues.  He believes Park Active has appeal to workers habitually travelling into town and also to visitors wanting to explore new places and linger. 

Chris continues: "I use the phrase ‘Park Active and attractive'.  If we can make a tourist’s experience of a new place more enjoyable through an attractive walk or cycle into town, they are more likely to repeat it.  The Park Active brand offers the potential of reassurance in promoting the quality of such experiences."

Chris writes a thought-provoking blog in which he combines academic research, government policy and stakeholder engagement in Post Pandemic Direction of Travel.

Contact Chris to discuss your own specific active travel requirements and how Park Active can help.