Survey shows public enthusiasm for active travel choices to reach final destinations

14 December 2021

The findings of a recent national survey of public attitudes towards parking point to enthusiasm amongst many motorists for completing their journeys on foot or by bike.

The survey, commissioned by the British Parking Association showed that easy access to onward walking/cycling options to reach their final destinations was enthusiastically welcomed by one in seven of survey respondents, with younger motorists particularly responsive to choosing active travel options to complete their journeys.   

In addition, more than half have sought out cheaper or free parking over the last two years. Three in ten have sought out environmentally-friendly parking more.

Availability of spaces and proximity to home/work remain the top reasons for satisfaction with parking in the local area to onward walking/cycling options as a reason for satisfaction.

The findings are based on a nationally representative online sample of over 3,000 UK adults aged 18+, interviewed between 29 October and 12 November 2021.

Park Active involves a modal shift from car to walking or cycling to complete the last 10-15 minutes of a journey.

Park Active has been developed BPA as a practical framework and brand for local authority and private parking providers to develop schemes as part of a nationally recognised and respected active travel solution.  This will enable onward active travel to town centres and destinations like town and city centres, hospitals and other key destinations, whilst reducing pollution, congestion and parking pressures.

The survey findings come on the back of the ongoing development of Park Active that has seen the recent launch of a Park Active guide for NHS trusts and local councils that has generated a lot of interest.   In the two months following the guide’s launch, the BPA has had discussions with 17 separate NHS trusts to see how Park Active can help make use of local authority investments in active travel routes and help hospital staff travel to work in more sustainable and stress-free ways.

The BPA is working closely with the Department for Transport (DfT), local authorities and the wider active travel sector to enable Park Active to be prominent amongst the choices for increasing journeys made by walking and cycling.  This has, for example, included working closely with the Connected Places Catapult to shape its Active Travel Routemap with a strong focus on Park Active’s role as part of so-called combo travel. 

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