Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust Pilots Park Active

14 January 2022

The Royal Devon and Exeter (RD&E) has become the first NHS Trust to pilot the feasibility of Park Active as a way of alleviating pressure on staff parking.  This follows the autumn launch by the British Parking Association of a guide to help NHS trusts ease hospital parking pressures through Park Active. 

As a Park Active pilot, RD&E is benefitting from free consultancy advice to help broker off-site parking provision connected by cycle and walking routes to its hospital sites. Promising discussions have been held with Devon County Council to discuss the use of Park & Ride sites and investment in local walking and cycling routes that can better help serve the Trust’s hospitals. 

The BPA is currently looking to select further Park Active pilots from a further 16 NHS Trusts that it has ahead discussions with since the launch of the scheme.  To be considered as a potential Park Active pilot, NHS Trusts just need to be able to tick the following three boxes:

  • Is there pressure on existing hospital parking?
  • Are you aware of available off-site parking nearby?
  • Are there safe walking and/or cycling routes between the two?

NHS Trusts simply need to complete this form to express their interest in Park Active.